Rubber Tea

Rubber Tea – progressive rock band from Bremen, Germany – recorded their latest album “Infusion” using a FEURICH 218.

Anna Serret Almenara Piano

Anna Serret Almenara (西班牙)

——钢琴家Anna Serret Almenara

Ben Toury (France)

French blues pianist Ben Toury found FEURICH pianos to be high quality instruments with versatile sound ideal for perfecting your music style.


Adilia Alieva国际音乐大赛

第14届Adilia Alieva国际钢琴大赛的获奖者音乐会在瑞士日内瓦联合国办事处举行,音乐会选用FEURICH 218演奏会三角钢琴。

Galdson (Spain)

“The FEURICH 218 has marked a revolution in my musical creations. The sonic nuances, the harmonic richness, and its dynamic range guide me and help considerably when composing.”

Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart

预告: AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT- 一部以Haley Reinhart,Sascha Peres和他的管弦乐队以及弗尔里希218为主角的全模拟纪录片