Adilia Alieva国际音乐大赛

第14届Adilia Alieva国际钢琴大赛的获奖者音乐会在瑞士日内瓦联合国办事处举行,音乐会选用FEURICH 218演奏会三角钢琴。

Galdson (Spain)

“The FEURICH 218 has marked a revolution in my musical creations. The sonic nuances, the harmonic richness, and its dynamic range guide me and help considerably when composing.”

Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart

预告: AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT- 一部以Haley Reinhart,Sascha Peres和他的管弦乐队以及弗尔里希218为主角的全模拟纪录片


Sebastian Voltmer

Filmmaker and composer Sebastian Voltmer wrote most of the music for his new movie JOMI using his white and chrome FEURICH 115 – Premiere.