Friedrich Steinbauer

1968 - piano-building training in the firm of Euterpe, at this time the only production location of FEURICH pianos
1976-78 - master piano maker examination in Ludwigsburg
1980 - grand piano construction and leader of the apprentice department for grand piano building - Euterpe/FEURICH
1981 - established his own piano building plant
1986 - promoted to "Obermeister" of the Musical Instruments Builders‘ Guild of North Bavaria


In the 1990’s Friedrich Steinbauer was working with the FEURICH firm. Together with his team he manufactured numerous FEURICH instruments. Many of the construction changes that have advanced sound and touch are to be attributed to him.

This is the reason why Friedrich Steinbauer has a unique and deep knowledge of all technical details of the FEURICH uprights and grands.