FEURICH „Silencer Systems“

Our specially designed „Real-Touch-Silencer-System“ makes playing your piano enjoyable at any time, day or night without losing the fine original sound of a FEURICH piano. The system works completely silent with any type of headphone.


The FEURICH silencer system enables you to enjoy playing your piano in any enviroment that might compromise your music dedication!


Upright Pianos:

The Silencer System can be installed in all Feurich upright piano models, as well as in upright pianos from other manufacturers.

An exception would be very small upright pianos


Grand Pianos:

We are able to offer you 2 different types of Grand-Piano-silencer-systems:

  1. Other silent systems with a mute rail can be installed in nearly every type of Grand Pianos of all brands. The „let-off“ set up of this type of system requires adjustment of 6-8mm distance from the strings, this makes playing the piano in normal mode very hard when trying to play softly. (piano) 
  2. Our new “UK – Silencer System”-stopping-mechanism features 2 important advantages:
    • The touch of the mechanical regulation is not affected in acoustic mode! (The piano can be adjusted with the correct „let-off“ :1-2mm)
    • Because of the special stopping mechanism in silencer mode the jacks are deactivated and therefore in contrast to other grand piano silencer systems the noise level of our mute rail included in FEURICH systems is much less.  

      The touch in silencer mode changes: lighter key weight and a linear key touch without a releasepoint.


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