Сочетание традиций, инноваций и любви к фортепиано — вот что такое инструменты FEURICH.

Будь то рояль или пианино: насладитесь высокоточным звукоизвлечением и богатством оттенков звука. Почувствуйте как звучит полная самоотдача: на пианиссимо или фортиссимо, от глубоких басов до самых высоких нот.
Добро пожаловать в FEURICH!

+++ НОВОСТИ +++

Kanako Mizuno (Japan)

Kanako Mizuno, multi-award-winning pianist, enjoyed playing on the FEURICH 218 Concert I grand piano in Howden Minster to lift our lockdown spirits.

A Brand New Concert Grand for Paul Barton

Bangkok-based pianist waited for his grand piano to be serviced in vain, so FEURICH Vienna sent a new one.

New video out!

The FEURICH 123 — Vienna is our most innovative upright piano — but does it really play like a grand piano?

Amy Butler (United Kingdom)

Pianist Amy Butler finds the FEURICH 218 to be ideal for both solo repertoire and chamber music with its wonderfully rich and resonant bass and beautiful bell-like treble.

Graziana Presicce (Italy)

Italian pianist Graziana Presicce finds the FEURICH 218 to be a joy for the ear and the touch — a beautifully nuanced sound and a particularly comfortable mechanism.

Rubber Tea

Rubber Tea – progressive rock band from Bremen, Germany – recorded their latest album “Infusion” using a FEURICH 218.