Сочетание традиций, инноваций и любви к фортепиано — вот что такое инструменты FEURICH.

Будь то рояль или пианино: насладитесь высокоточным звукоизвлечением и богатством оттенков звука. Почувствуйте как звучит полная самоотдача: на пианиссимо или фортиссимо, от глубоких басов до самых высоких нот.
Добро пожаловать в FEURICH!

+++ НОВОСТИ +++

FEURICH Competition 2020 POSTPONED!

Unfortunately, we need to postpone the FEURICH Competition due to the corona crisis.

Compagnie Albertine

Lausanne music school Compagnie Albertine are happy with their FEURICH 122 upright pianos as they keep tune and perform exceptionally well.

FEURICH Competition 2019

Musicians from all over the world presented their talent at the 4th International FEURICH Competition for piano, voice, and chamber music in Vienna.

International Adilia Alieva Competition

The laureates’ concert of the Adilia Aliva Piano Competition at the Geneva United Nations Office was played on a FEURICH 218 concert grand.

Haley Reinhart

Preview: AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT — an all-analogue documentary featuring Haley Reinhart, Sascha Peres and his Orchestra, and a FEURICH 218.

Roman Kariolou at the Hahnenkamm Race Party in Kitzbuhel

This year’s exclusive Kitz Race Party in Kitzbuhel featured pianist and composer Roman Kariolou — and our FEURICH 218 — concert grand.