The 4th Pedal - "Pédale Harmonique"

For the first time since the invention of the sostenuto pedal, there is a new pedal, the Harmonic Pedal offering an increased spectrum of expressive sound-colours to the modern acoustic piano.


"Pédale Harmonique" - 3 features, 1 pedal

  • Classical damper pedal
  • "Harmonic Resonance" - the trademark sound of the Harmonic Pedal
  • Sostenuto pedal


Pedal fully pressed: On key release, the notes are not dampened, as in the classical damper pedal.
Pedal half pressed
: All dampers are raised from the strings. Only dampers associated with released keys return to strings of those notes alone. When the Harmonic Pedal is half pressed - all strings associated with un-played notes remain un-dampened, allowing for the first time their "sympathetic" harmonic relationship to played notes to be clearly heard and importantly, precisely controlled.


The Harmonic Pedal is simple to use for pianists of all levels of experience.


Introduction to the Harmonic Pedal (video)