Following the motto “Tradition & Innovation”, FEURICH has become renowned as one of the world’s most innovative piano manufacturers. Even the smallest details are revised and often a completely new approach is implemented. The results open new doors for pianists all over the world. Here you can find details of the most important innovations to date. Many more are on their way…


Pédale harmonique

In cooperation with Stephen Paulello and Denis de La Rochefordière, FEURICH have come up with a totally ground-breaking and unique innovation in the world of piano building. The fourth pedal offers access to a new world of sound for acoustic grand pianos.

For the FEURICH 123 – Vienna, we have developed a completely new concept for the upright piano action. Produced by Renner, and implemented in a newly-patented system, this piano action enables a speed of repetition previously unseen in an acoustic upright piano.


Mod. 123 - Vienne white

The newest innovation by FEURICH is the new upright, the FEURICH 123 – Vienna. This upright piano exhibits numerous unprecedented innovations in the design of its action, casing and pedal system, and can even be played without any casing at all.


With our own Real Touch Silencer System you can easily mute your piano and play in headphone mode. Thanks to this innovation, it is now no longer a problem to enjoy playing your instrument at any time, day or night.