Materials of Distinction

FEURICH selects only the highest quality materials for building their pianos.


The heart and soul of any piano is the soundboard. For this Feurich chooses the finest Austrian and Bavarian mountain spruce that grows at over 1000 meters above sea level, and is felled only during the winter.


The timber is then carefully seasoned before being assembled into soundboards. Only timber with closely spaced growth rings are selected for this component as it delivers the uniformly bright colors and tonal puritys that are the prerequisites for use in all Feurich instruments.


The bridges on Feurich pianos are made from timbers that are hand selected and carefully seasoned for many years. Solid beech, one of natures finest conductors of sound is capped with a double layer of German maple to ensure a stable and long-lasting position for the bridge pins.


The intricately designed cast iron plates are produced in an expert foundry in Germany. The grand piano cabinets are exclusively made from naturally slow growing wood, such as abachi, spruce and beech.


The exceptionally high quality keyboards come from Otto Heuss in Lich. Only the best action parts are used for the assembly of the FEURICH piano action. For the hammer heads felt from Wurzen is exclusively used to produce a tone other piano makers aspire to.