Diapason d'or for our
Grand Mod. 178 – Professional II

In Paris a blind-fold test was performed by Prisca Benoît and Francois Dumont. The pianists tested selected brands valued up to €30.000,- under the same acoustic circumstances.


Global overall rating  
Musical Qualities:  
Dynamic expression possibilities:  
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When the Grand Mod. 178 was branded Wendl & Lung, it received the best possible reviews and received the Diapason d'or award. Since then the piano has been improved in many ways and is, as the FEURICH Mod. 178, one of our most popular instruments.

Test report,

Not only does our blind-fold testing of pianos provide objective reviews by our panel of pianists but it can also be the source of some real finds: this is the case for this Wendl & Lung piano. A family-run Viennese company founded in 1910, Wendl & Lung now has its pianos manufactured in China under the supervision of the 4th generation of Wendl & Lung. Right away, our musicians are taken in by the 178. Prisca Benoit finds it “full of possibilities in all registers, well balanced overall, not too powerful but with a good sound, both luminous and velvety”. It is “ideal for soft playing and allows for much subtlety”. Francois Dumont is equally won over and believes he is playing a Steinway! He praises “the refinement of the sound, its round and generous quality with a clear treble, a beautiful middle and velvety bass.” About the action and keyboard, “its firmness and flexibility allow excellent control of the dynamics.” Like Prisca Benoit, he states that the instrument is “not immediately mastered but requires taming before it reveals its distinctive and noble colors.” Regarding the pedals, they also performed well and the “una corda” provides a clear change in the timbre of pianissimo playing. Much attention to detail in the finish of the piano complete the high quality image of this instrument, which moreover amazes by its modest price tag.

Strong points:                          

  • Refined sound                              

  • Evenness of registers

  • Dynamic range


Weaker points:

To uncover the wealth of possibilities of the instrument

requires a high level of skill from the pianist.