Player systems for upright & grand pianos

In the spring of 2012 Pianoforce Europe and FEURICH formed an innovative and enterprising relationship.


As a result Pianoforce player systems are now installed into pianos at our master workshop in Vienna.

All of our FEURICH pianos, as well as all other producers' instruments, can be equipped with the innovative Playersystem.

What is the purpose of the player system?,

Your upright or grand plays all by itself with this system. You can also play and record your own music and then have it reproduced.


Orchestra, song or any desired background music can be added to your piano via the built-in loudspeakers.


You will find numerous special player-system files by pianists and musicians in the internet, as well as various producers' entire music libraries for downloading. Each system also comes with their own music library.


The piano can be operated through a remote, your iPhone or Android devices.


The big advantage of Pianoforce lies in its self-calibrating system, which is therefore low-maintenance. Surprisingly for a system of such high quality it comes at a very affordable price.

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