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"The harmonic pedal offers pianists new sound textures that compliment many styles of music from Baroque through to contempory and jazz. It's as if composers such as Debussy and Ravel always imagined music for the harmonic pedal, but it's only in our time that FEURICH has been able to manufacture this wonderful new invention. The harmonic pedal adds the missing colours of the sound spectrum to potentially realize the full extent the composer's musical imagination on the modern piano"

Paul Barton,

"Paul Barton has a post-graduate diploma from the Royal Academy of Arts, London.  He graduated with the Elizabeth Greenshield Foundation Award for Figurative Art.  He’s interested in classical and contemporary piano and studied part-time at the Guildhall School of Music, London.  Paul taught piano at Ayton School, England, privately in France.  He’s given recitals as soloist, including St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, as an accompanist with Maurice Dalle, France, and as a Eurhythmy pianist, Botton Village, England".

Pedal Marks from Paul Barton for Rainy Day



music gliding here from a very asian sounding theme with fourths, to an impressionistic french first bridge, followed by key change segues and more verses without ever leaving the sense of 'a rainy day'... mayumi's composition is masterful like sakamoto, and paul's gift of sound and expressive playing this FEURICH Invention make this upload truly a first on utube. i pray both of these artists realize their generosity toward the rest of us, and are recognized as they deserve.


I first thought, this "magical sound" is a sort of electronically added reverb. But then I googles for "pédale harmonique". Wow, that's an interesting invention! I don't know any piano, which has this 4th pedal. And btw. a very nice piece!


interesting to watch the inside of the piano during the performance... perhaps seeing how the harmonic pedal works..... a tutorial as to this elegant composition with the invention would reveal the magic behind the sound...



I just love the resonance. You must feel like you're 'bathing' in the sound. Wonderful video Paul.



You as a composer would especially appreciate it. We all have this harmonic resonance on our pianos but it is overshadowed by the damper sustain. That 'sympathetic resonance' is a hidden sound which is like a delicate pencil drawing in 2H. I think there are exciting possibilities for new compositions for this particular effect - hope you will consider writing something one day - that would be wonderful! PaulBartonPiano

Played on FEURICH Mod. 218 - Concert I with pédale harmonique