Diapason d'or for our
Upright Mod. 122 - Universal

In order to achieve a neutral test result, 9 brand-name pianos between €3.600,- and €7.300,- were tested blind folded.

.) Kemble 109

.) FEURICH 122

.) Young Chang Y114

.) Kemble 113

.) Kawai KX-21

.) Weber W121

.) W.Hoffmann V120

.) Petrof P 118M1



FEURICH 122 received the highest possible award and the Diapason D’or!

The FEURICH Mod. 122 was completely redesigned and is manufactured in the ultra modern plant in Ningbo / China.

Deep bass, crystal clear treble and a wide middle section.

The sound is very pleasant, smooth and warm and offers a wide scale of sound spectrum.  


The touch is very responsive and controllable, similar to that of a concert piano. The high quality pedal assembly is undeniable, especially the “Una Corda”

Of all tested instruments it is the one with the richest sound from the extremely fine pianissimo to the full and powerful fortissimo.

The finish is excellent with a wide music desk and beautiful insides.


Without a doubt a good investment that will appeal to anyone, from the beginner to the professional musician.