Construction Uprights

Keybed and keyframe:

Made of aluminum and laminated wood – hence, there are no changes due to climate oscillations.


High-quality felts:

All felts used in the keyboard and mechanism are produced in the factories Wurzen/Germany and Hainsworth/England, and used according to the proper needs and purposes, guaranteeing the best application of materials in the tone, and a steady regulation!



Select types of wood are kept in our specially designed dry storage and prepared for use.

The result: climate-resistant sounding boards and action parts!



The keys are made of seventeen layers, with an additional solid wood layer at the base.

The result: climate-resistant and robust keyboards!



We use high-quality parts and value precise assemblage. Every single action of our uprights and grands is tested for durability by play-in devices.

The advantage: long-lasting actions with precise touch!



The models are of a fine form, have a high-quality finish and have felt enforcements in all the right places, to prevent creaking.

The result: no unwanted noises!


Pedal system:

Traditional pedal system with wooden levers, springs and specially designed FEURICH pedals, solid brass casted.

The advantage: noiseless, easy to handle, no maintenance


Mute pedal:

Sensationally easy to manipulate, the mute pedal is absolutely reliable!

The advantage: the felt is adjusted to the string surface so that the touch is hardly changed when playing with the mute pedal.


Bearing blocks and bottom plate:

The with CNC router machines perfectly milled parts and glued pins ensure the series‘ high quality, thus guaranteeing a sturdy build and reliability in voicing and tone for years to come.


Sound board:

The climate-resistant build has excellent durability and an exquisite tone.


Production of bass strings:

The traditionally hand-wound bass strings guarantee a pure, soaring bass.


Only a robust, durable instrument gives pleasure for decades to come.