Jan Enzenauer

Piano designer and developer of numerous innovations for uprights and grands.

1989 - Music teaching degree majoring in piano at the Folkwang College (Hochsschule für Musik, Essen, Germany).

1990 - Piano and harpsichord building training at the Seiler Pianoforte manufacture in Kitzingen, Germany.
The focus of his tasks has been the care of privately and institutionally owned pianos, both in the field and in the workshop, as well as concert service,CD and radio recordings.

1994 - Master examination in piano and harpsichord building.

Establishment of his own company "Piano-Enzenauer-Meisterbetrieb"  for uprights, grands and historical keyboard-instruments.

Research and development in the field of piano building techniques become a further focal point of his enterprise. This has lead to work as appraiser and lecturer.

2009 - establishment of the „Enzenauer-Flügel-Manufaktur GmbH“ by Jan Enzenauer, together with his brother, marketing specialist and consultant Michael Enzenauer.

  • Development & Design of concert grands and grand pianos with an innovative and traditional intonation.
  • Product development for FEURICH
  • Prototype-building for FEURICH
  • Production of FEURICH „Made-in-Germany“-Instruments beginning in spring 2013; logistics and distribution of FEURICH instruments in the counties of Rhein and Ruhr

Positions, memberships and other activities


- State Guild of Musical Instruments Builders: Head of Piano Department

- State Guild of Musical Instruments Builders: Member of the Board

- grand master, Nordrhein/Westfalen Süd Musical Instruments Builders‘ Guild

- lecturer at the GDM e.V. (German Union of Traders in Musical Supplies), 2003-2005

- officially appointed expert of the Industry and Trade Chamber at Köln for uprights, grands and historical keyboard-instruments


- German Piano-Builders Union (BDK e.V.)

- Expert Committee of the BDK

- Master Examination Committee of the BDK

- Master Examination Committee for Piano and Harpsichord of the Düsseldorf Trades Chamber

- Nordrhein/Westfalen Süd Musical Instruments Builders‘ Guild

- co-founder and member of „Lehrgut – Arbeitskreis Instrumentalpädagogik“

Other Activities:

Research activities in:

  • dynamic flow of movement in upright and grand actions
  • vibration in soundboards and acoustic works
  • development of physical features from the historical to the contemporary hammer head, its various workings and reflections on the tone
  • piano lining felts

Lectures on selected research results in Germany and abroad:

2000, Berlin, Seminar for BDK members in the musical instruments museum MIM

2000, Cavalese, Italy, Europiano Congress 2000

2001, Ludwigsburg, Bundesfachschule, exclusive lecture for teachers of the Bundesfachschule, Dept. Piano Building

2001, Frankfurt, Pianohaus Atzert

2002, Bristol, England, PTA-meeting

2002, Ludwigsburg, BDK annual conference

2004, Schloss Kapfenburg, BDK annual conference

2006, SVKS, General Assembly

2006, Musikhochschule Frankfurt, Seminar „Introduction to the Movement Processes of a Grand Action from a Pianist’s View“ 

2007, WHG Gymnasium Leverkusen: „Piano meets Physics“

Development and production of tools

Equipment development and production

Product development and optimizing of instruments

Jan Enzenauer