160 Years of finest piano manufacturing art

In 1851 Julius Feurich introduced the world's first piano with an under damper action. With this development he was
50 years ahead of his time, this is a construction principle that all modern piano builders use to this day.


FEURICH grand pianos, and FEURICH upright pianos are produced using the same levels of craftsmanship,
and experience. Only parts and materials of the highest quality are selected.


FEURICH pianos represent the highest level of German piano manufacturing, recalling a golden age of traditional German production.

All the current models draw on the rich heritage of  the original FEURICH designs, but are being constantly improved.


An important aspect of our  traditional method is to preserve the typical FEURICH sound, very clear but with a refined romantic tone.


With a tradition since 1851, FEURICH today belongs to the best-known piano brands worldwide and has received several awards.