Upright Mod. 115 - "Premiere"

The construction of this new model originated in Germany, orchestrating the concept was Rolf Ibach.
This design promotes a continuation of the 160-year-old FEURICH tradition for innovation.


The new Upright Mod. 115 – "Premiere" is an instrument that will take a leading position in the piano world, regarding tone, touch and design, as well as size.


  • The Tone - A scale of timbre ranging
    from deep dark to crystal light,
    and from soft warmth to brilliance.
  • The Touch - Easy-going with
    comfortable resistance, so that it
    enables even fine dynamic differences.
  • The Case - Straight lines, modest
    and modern, and yet timeless.


Beautiful to behold, in accordance with the tastes of time, this instrument also comes at a price one always hoped for in quality pianos.

(PDF, 709 KB)
Mod. 115 - Premiere black chrome